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Let us help build your brand, enhance your corporate vision, and tell your unique story to the digital world with our compelling website solutions 

Who We Are

We are a full-service digital agency. We provide web solutions that enable individuals and corporate entities to build strong brands, scale their businesses, and increase their customer base.

Our core role is in transforming our customer’s digital presence. We do this by re-inventing their brand for a more web-focused world through design, content, and application.  

Our Services

Increase your brand visibility, interact more seamlessly with your web audience, and extend your digital reach with our services and digital products

Web Design / Development

We build websites that create an impact and build momentum. Right from the stage of research and planning, up to that of development and delivery, our web design and development process has only one goal: to produce a digital estate that is pixel-perfect, visually stunning, displays perfectly on all devices, and is simply awesome! Our design strategy is meant to reposition your brand for a greater web focus.

Brand Strategy

We create compelling brand strategies that enable you and your organization to meet and exceed expected outcomes. Such strategies include client identity and research, brand positioning and development, messaging strategies; name, logo and tagline development; content marketing strategies, and website development.

Paid Advertisement

Suffering from lack of sales or brand stagnation? Take your business to another level with our paid advertising and watch a spiral in sales, growth, and return on investment. Our paid advertisement module is aimed at directing client advertisements to high converting, keyword-targeted niche markets.

Search Engine Optimization

Web visibility is crucial for online success - you can take your market to a large audience, increase sales, and grow your customer base. We incorporate different strategies in our search engine optimization module to enable your website to be easily seen and ranked by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and a host of others. With a solid web presence, there is only one direction your business can go - upwards!

Social Media Marketing

With the explosion in the use of social media in recent years, it’s numerous platforms are a rich reservoir of potential consumers and market users. In our social marketing module, we direct client adverts and marketing releases to a highly targeted audience on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Content Writing Services

The internet is primarily based on text- content. It is what shapes and gives it direction and determines to a large degree the ranking of websites. In our content writing services, we provide uniquely written, high-end, engaging content for your websites, blogs, and other content platforms. Such content is meant to help your website ranking, increase your web visibility, and increase the reach of your web audience.

We'll Show You How It Is Done

Increase your brand visibility, interact more seamlessly with your web audience, and extend your digital reach with our services and digital products

Why Us?

Innovative Web Solutions To Fit Your Needs

Whatever your needs are – brand stagnation, lack of sales, or web invisibility – we have the right tools and solutions to meet them. You can now begin to tell your story to the digital world. 

A Track Record Of Performance

With a track record of providing solutions to our numerous clients spanning several years, we can boldly lay claim to being the difference! And we don’t even need to do the patting on the back – our customers happily do that! From the stage of research up to full development, our team always works hard to create award-winning digital products that create a stellar user experience for our customers.

A Small Number Of Clients

We put our life and soul into every project that we handle, giving great attention even to the minutest of details. Necessarily, therefore, we work with only a small number of clients at a time, enabling us to give undivided attention to the project at hand. Such undivided project-focus enables us not only to achieve optimal results but to over-deliver on our work.

A Team Of Seasoned Professionals

The outstanding strength of our house lies in our team of seasoned and tested professionals.  Tried and tested over several years, each of our team members brings unique talents in design and development to the table, enriching our digital house and helping to create unmatchable digital products and solutions for our clients.

We Make It Easy To Connect with your Audience Across Every Platform

 Our digital services and products enable clients to interact more seamlessly with their web audience, increase brand visibility, and extend digital reach.

A compelling need for us is to earn the trust of our clients and keep it. We believe that by creating unique products and solutions that produce a stellar user experience, we will be approaching the threshold of that lofty ideal.

Let Us Help You Solve Your Online Problems With Time Tested Digital Solutions

Are you suffering from lack of sales, brand stagnation, and web invisibility?

Achieve Your Web Solution In 4  Simple Steps. 



Contact us and tell us of your problems and needs. You also inform us of the solutions that you envision. We take all requests, no matter how little or how big, into consideration.



We discuss the different choices and possibilities available vis-a vis the highlighted problems and possible solutions. We listen to your brand story and analyse it critically.



After careful vetting and analysis, the development of the project is set into motion. Core strategies are launched. All aspects of design and development are activated



After the project has been executed, monitored in real time and passed by our team for result satisfaction, it is marked completed and ready for delivery to the client.

See What Clients are Saying About Varliant

Our focus is on creating web products and applications that produce an outstanding user-experience. And we don’t even need to do the patting on the back – our customers do that!

I had some really intense ideas about what I wanted my company’s website to look like; almost too far fetched. The Varliant Media team is a rare combination of creativity and professionalism. They helped me achieve everything I envisioned, and more. 


Zaks Ugo

Amazing work ethics and professionalism. The designs I got were excellent and the delivery was timely. My website looks spectacular and my engagements have skyrocketed since.


Uvizion Global

I have no complaints about the delivery I got. It’s impressive how my ideas were integrated finely with those of the team to create an extremely professional website. The timing too was impeccable. Great job guys!



Zaks Ugo

Uvizion Global


"We want to commend the workers at Varliant Digital for doing a thorough job on our website. Right from the beginning and all through the project, Troy and the rest of the team were ready to bend over backwards to accommodate our every wish, sometimes doing so at very odd hours of the night! We are delighted by the quality of work delivered. The content of the pages is not only well-structured but effectively conveys the right message of the site. The web design is nicely put together and the web development(social media integrations) very effectively executed. ) Thank you for a great job, guys."

CEO / Chairman

"While working on our project we were impressed with the level of dedication shown by the team members at Varliant Digital. They very patiently raised several issues that we had completely ignored or glossed over but later on, would turn up on the front burner. I salute their dogged approach to doing comprehensive research on a project and considering all angles of vision while executing the job. The Varliant team had all the time for us and made sure that all our wishes were carried out to the letter. Plus, their own special contributions added a premium to the overall quality of the project. On the whole, we are quite satisfied with the project they finally delivered to us.Thank you guys and thumbs up for your efforts."

Executive Director

"I want to appreciate the efforts of Marc and his team members at Varliant Digital for their patience, dedication and the uncommon zeal they showed while working on our project. No time was too valuable for the team to sacrifice in order to work on our project, very often holding working sessions both in the day and at night. The Varliant team would characteristically sacrifice both time and convenience to make sure all our demands were met to the letter. And even when we would make numerous tweaks and corrections there was never a whiff of complaint. In the end we are quite satisfied with how the project has panned out and hope to engage in future collaborations in this regard. Thank you."

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